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Introducing the Civic Award 2018


Thank you to my Awardees for your lovely feedback from civic award. It was clear from your responses that you have really enjoyed the challenges, projects and trips. You also loved celebrating your achievements through our assembly and attending the awards evening at the town hall. 

You have given me lots of great ideas on how we can make it better next year too so thank you everyone!

Well done!

Miss McKean


Congratulations on completing arrowe Civic Award!

A huge well done to my Civic Awardees! Not only have you done a wonderful job this year in completing the arrowe award, you gave a fantastic assembly this afternoon in front of the whole school. Congratulations on receiving your certificate from Mrs Thompson.

I am so proud of all of your hard work. I hope you choose to continue and start the next level in September! Well done to Fern Edwards for completing Birket Award!

We also had a lovely evening at the town hall on 20th June and 18th July, where we received our badges from the mayor! 

Miss McKean x




Hello Civic award people, 

The meeting tonight was very helpful. Thank you for coming! I will have a meeting with the children before half term.  


The children have had targets for each of the five areas in the book (local awareness, self-reliance, physical achievement, service to others and wise use of leisure). The blue book is the chance to write a little comment about how the children have got on with these targets. They also need to be signed off by the person who has been monitoring these targets, for example a child's swimming instructor would comment and sign under the 'physical achievement' section of the book.


If you are unsure of your child's target then please come in and see me, as I have all of the reply slips in school. 


The 'Unit Organiser' section of the blue book is for me to fill out, once the books are returned to school. 


Could I ask that the blue books and projects be returned in the week after half term please or as soon as possible thereafter? I can then look at the projects, sign their books off and send them to the Civic award office. Hopefully, we will then be invited to a lovely awards evening, where the children will receive their certificates and badges. 


Any problems or anything that you need help with then please come in and speak to me and I will do my best to help you out.   


Thank you for your continued support. 


Miss McKean 


Hello everyone! 

I have sent the blue books home, if the children have returned all of their letters. They will need to be signed off by the person who is monitoring that activity. For example, a child who has dance as their physical activity will need to get their book signed off by their dance teacher and this is the person who can write a comment in the box provided, stating how they have got on with their target. 

See more information on the different areas below:

Any queries, please arrange an appointment to speak to me. Alternatively, leave your details with Mrs Evans and I shall contact you. 


Miss McKean   


This is a target that helps another person (see letter for more detail). The children should have set a target and now should be at the stage that they can get this area signed off. As with self-reliance, the children have had to be working on this target for a prolonged period of time. 


Example of comments that someone signing the book could write:

Sonny has been giving up his free time to help his elderly relative with her gardening. She has arthritis and is unable to do certain tasks. He has been doing this every weekend for the past few months.  


The children have all set targets on how they can become more self-reliant. This may be trying to tie their shoe laces, getting their school bag ready every day, tidying their bedroom, sorting their own lunch out etc. It is something that they are doing for themselves that will help them to become more self-sufficient and independent. 


Example of what someone signing the book might write:

Sonny can now make his own breakfast. He can make himself toast and cereal. He also makes his bed every morning before he goes to school. 


This target is designed for the children to show that they make wise use of their leisure/spare time. 

This could be a hobby that your child has. It can be a club or sports activity, such as beavers and brownies or swimming and gymnastics. Alternatively, this could be using the library service. The person signing the book can either write a comment in the comment box in the book or use the 'Wise use of leisure record card', which can be found at the bottom of this web page. If your child is using the library as their project, there is a library book evidence form on 'Wise use of leisure record card' link. 


Example of what someone signing the book might write:    

Sonny has regularly attended an out of school hours film club for six weeks. He has enjoyed designing and being in films with friends and he always starts each session with a lovely smile. Sonny is a friendly, enthusiastic member of the group. 



The awardee must make PROGRESS in a measurable, physical activity. Participation is not enough to achieve this target. Lots of children are part of clubs after school, such as swimming, dancing, football. Some children also belong to clubs inside school, such as the running club, managed by Mrs Evans and Mrs Davies or gymnastics or Judo. The children can choose the activity. Their coach must then be the person who gives your child their target. See physical achievement letter for more details.


Examples of what the person signing can write in the child's record book:

John has been making great progress in running club. He has improved his running skills. He is now increasing his pace, sustaining it and breaking his personal best times.


Lyn has attended gymnastics club for 8 weeks. She has mastered the forward roll and has earned a certificate and badge for her achievements (BAGA award 3).



UPDATE: The length of the project is up to to your child. As long as it shows that they have learned something from their trip and research then this will be fine. Have fun creating your projects everyone. I cannot wait to see them!  

This must be a research project about some aspect of life on the Wirral. Our focus is going to be on our local church, St. Hildeburghs. The aim of this activity is for the children to know more about the church at the end than they did at the start. After our initial visit, the children can write their findings and possibly print off the photographs that they have taken. There will be some photographs on our website too from my camera. I will hold a meeting after half term to discuss the children's progress with their project. Half term may be the perfect opportunity to make a good start everyone.


The children can then do their own research on the church. A good starting point would be to use the website link to St. Hildeburghs. You an also pick up information leaflets from the church itself. I have an information booklet in my reflection area (yr3/4 classroom-Mrs Hopkins), that the children can have a look at. Please return it immediately so that others can use it.


We advise that the project should be hand written or if the children really want to type, it must be their own words and not information that has been copied and pasted from a website or an electronic document. Children can include interview question and answers, photographs, drawings, diagrams and written information. How they create their written project is up to them. You can be as imaginative and creative as you like.


When the projects are complete, please hand them in to me, as I will be the person that will be signing the record book to say that this activity has been achieved. If you have any more queries, please let me know.


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Civic Award homepage. Here you will find previous letters that have been sent home, tips and information on particular aspects of the scheme. If you need any further assistance do not hesitate to contact me. I hope everyone is enjoying Civic Award and is working hard on their targets!

Thank you

Miss McKean

Yr3/4 Teacher and Civic Awards Organiser    


We are going to visit the church next week, on Thursday 30th March. Please return the permission by Wednesday 29th. Any parents that would like to help on our visit, please let Mrs Evans know at the front desk. We greatly appreciate your help.