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This half term F2 have been working SO hard on their numbers.  We learned about the number 5 and sorted '5 and not 5'.  When learning about 6, we subitised regular arrangements of dots or objects upto 6 and made our own dice to support our instant recognintion of these numbers. We got to know all of the things that come in 7, such as days of the week and colours of the rainbow, and we drew some beautiful rainbows using 7 colours! Outside, we wondered if we could jump over heights or lengths of upto 7 blocks.  Then we met 8, who was an 'Octohero' and we created designed and creared our own Octoheros! Some of them had 8 arms, some had 8 eyes, some even had 8 wings... they were truly super!  Finally, we met 9 and found out that 9 was arranged as a square! Not only did we explore making 9 by printing square arrangements, we also found different ways of making 9 using the part-part whole method. All of the grown-ups working F2 have been blown away by F2's brilliant early maths skills.

F2 Kandinsky Valentines Hearts

F2 zoom to the moon

F2 have been learning all about Space.  Using Purplemash, we created pictures of ourselves by the moon and thought about what we would be able to see if we were up in space.  Check out our brilliant writing.

Y1/2's Fabulous Firework Art

Y1/2's Dreams and Aspirations

F2's Wonderful Portraits

F1 are good at sharing