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Easter Messy Church!!

St. Hildeburgh Parish Church is DELIGHTED to announce our MESSY CHURCH AT HOME EASTER SPECIAL. This totally cool mega extravaganza is open to everyone ... THIS MEANS YOU!

 If you would like to take part collect one of our famed EASTER MESSY-CHURCH GOODY BAGS.  If you would like them, please email the church using this special address:
 We will prepare your very own named bags safely in line with COVID guidance at least 72 hours before they are to be collected by families taking part. Preordered GOODY BAGS can be collected from St. Hildeburgh’s Church Centre at prearranged dates and times, to avoid mingling with other folk taking part.

 Once we hear from you we will email you a simple form that enable us to prepare EASTER MESSY-CHURCH GOODY BAGS that are suited to your very own children.
 These totally cool bags will contain some crafts and games to do, complete with everything you need to do them, some other activities including a quiz competition, with prizes, as well as an Easter story with stickers, and delicious Easter edibles!!

EASTER MESSY CHURCH AT HOME GOODY BAGS - FOR ALL! We have missed our face to face Messy Church get togethers so much. As soon as we are able to meet safely for MESSY CHURCH at St. Hildeburgh’s, we will let you know. In the meantime, we look forward to hearing from you for your GOODY BAG - each child gets one of their own. If you don’t have a computer or email access, let your teacher know and we will contact you in some other way. Tell your friends too but make sure you LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE. We don’t want anyone to miss out!!
 Looking forward to your email,
 Peter Ham and Jane Langley (Messy Church Leaders).