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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

We have a great team of staff here at Hoylake Holy Trinity and we all contribute to making our school a special learning community.


Teaching Staff

Mrs O'Neill Edwards - Head Teacher

Miss Harper - Deputy Head and Y5/6 Class teacher

Miss Gunn - F1

Miss Brady - F2

Miss Rambton - F2

Mrs Pillow - Y1/2

Miss Burgess - Y1/2

Mrs Graham - Y1/2 

Mrs Greaves(SENDCo)/ Miss McKean -  Y3/4

Mrs Lea Swain/Mrs Wright - Y3/4

Miss Leake  - Y3/4

Miss Percy - Y5/6

Mrs Schofield/Mrs Love - Y5/6


Mrs Davies - HLTA PPA Cover

Mrs Keenan - HLTA PPA Cover



Teaching Support Staff

Mrs Evans

Mrs Mackay

Mrs Muir

Mrs Walton

Mrs Gardner

Mrs Michael

Mrs Schorah

Mrs Davies

Mrs Crompton

Mrs Gallagher

Mrs Coburn

Mrs Sparke

Mrs Chisholm


Admin Staff

Ms Potter - Business Manager

Ms Schumann - Administrative & Finance Officer

Mrs Evans - Administrative Assistant


Lunchtime Staff

Mr Morris - Midday Supervisor

Mrs Cavagan

Ms Sherlock

Ms Routledge

Mrs Cox

Mr Dempsey

Mrs Perkins


Cleaning Staff

Mr Morris - Caretaker

Mrs Perkins

Ms Otero Manso


Kitchen Staff

Ms McKeown - Chef

Ms Evans

Ms Howarth

Ms Otero Manso