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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

We have a great team of staff here at Hoylake Holy Trinity and we all contribute to making our school a special learning community.


Teaching Staff

Mrs C Wright - Head Teacher (Starting January 2018)

Miss K Harper - Deputy Headteacher and Y5/6 Class Teacher

Miss A Williamson F1

Mrs E Gunn - F2

Miss H Rambton - F2

Mrs G Pillow- Y1/2

Miss M Burgess - Y1/2

Mrs J Graham - Y1/2 

Mrs G Hopkins (SENDCo) -  Y3/4

Mrs K Lea Swain/Mrs C Schofield- Y3/4

Miss H Walton - Y3/4 

Miss L Percy - Y5/6

Miss L Fagan - Y5/6



Mrs A Davies - HLTA PPA Cover

Mrs K Keenan - HLTA PPA Cover



Teaching Support Staff

Mrs M Mackay

Mrs  D Muir

Mrs V Walton

Mrs M Gardner

Mrs S Michael

Mrs C Schorah

Mrs A Crompton

Mrs C Gallagher

Mrs J Coburn

Mrs E  Chisholm


Admin Staff

Mrs Rodgers- Business Manager

Mrs S Evans - Finance & Administrative Officer


Lunchtime Staff

Mr D Morris - Midday Supervisor

Mrs C Cavagan

Ms S Sherlock

Ms V Routledge

Mrs D Cox

Mrs T Perkins


Cleaning Staff

Mr D Morris - Caretaker

Mrs T Perkins



Kitchen Staff

Ms C McKeown - Chef

Ms C Evans

Ms C Howarth

Mrs V Orr