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Hoylake Holy Trinity CE Primary School recognises that bullying of anyone in our school community is an issue to be taken seriously. We recognise the damage it can cause to the education of the victim, the wellbeing of the victim, the perpetrator and the school as a whole. We are committed to working towards its complete eradication and to establish appropriate means of providing after care should an incident of bullying occur.

We are committed to ensure our school acts proactively to ensure that we meet our duties under the Equality Act and challenge bullying of anyone due to their differences or perceived differences.


Preventing bullying happening in our school

We foster a clear understanding that bullying, in any form, is not acceptable. We are proactive in our approach to preventing bullying by:

  • Regular discussion of our schools values in the classroom, the playground, British Values assembly and collective worship. Children are encouraged to show kindness and respect to each other, staff and the wider community.
  • Using the curriculum to develop children’s understanding of bullying and its effects.
  • Developing through our RE teaching understanding, tolerance and acceptance of all regardless of their religious beliefs.
  • PSHE lessons, including circle time encouraging good behaviour and developing understanding and acceptance of cultural differences and diversity.
  • Anti-bullying Ambassadors (The Anti-Bullying Programme - The Diana Award)
  • Anti-bullying focused week
  • Regular praise of positive and supportive behaviour by all staff using verbal praise, stickers and through our house merits system
  • Worry Box for children to use to express anxieties or concerns
  • Anti-Bullying Workshops and Performances (My Esteem)

Anti-Bullying Week

November 2021: One Kind Word