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Code of Conduct


Our Governors, Staff, Children, Visitors and Guests code of conduct is predicated on our values listed below. We are passionate about providing an exceptional educational experience for pupils and parents. We put our pupils at the heart of everything we do. We employ some of the most outstanding, dedicated and professional staff. We are committed to recognising our children’s right to a tailored education experience. All our staff are committed to what we call our core service values. There are nine core values and these are the standards to which we work and they are evident in everything we do:

Always be friendly and welcoming.

Be polite and courteous at all times and with everyone you meet.

Respect others and their views.

Work as a team, share what you know with others.

Keep your promises.

Learn today so that you will be better tomorrow.

Remember everyone is an individual and it is your behaviour that sets the example.

We make it happen for our pupils and parents.

We want to go the extra mile for our pupils and parents.

As you can see being a governor, child, member of staff, parent or guest in our school means not just talking about these values, it is truly living them. We are passionate about the service we provide.