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Self Drive

Hungry for more homework!

This little boy came to show Miss Harper his Egyptian writing project that he is completing at home. He is enjoying the creative curriculum topic so much, he is choosing to do extra research of his own. The detail in his work is amazing! Wow!

Extra Egyptians homework produced by children from Miss Gunn's class!

Fabulous lego pyramids!
Super cool mummies!

Self driven superstars!

"I worked to my max!"
I got it and I felt very very proud!
"Can I write an extra sentence please?"
"I chose to do this work independently."
"It was a real challenge but I didn't give up!"
"I kept going and going and going!"
"I liked working really hard!"
"Once I started, I couldn't stop my brain!"
"I am proud of this writing. I worked so so hard!"