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Science experiment- The Digestive System

Come and Share

Class Collective Worship 22.01.2018

This morning was our turn to lead the whole school collective worship.  Well done to everyone for their performances, speaking clearly and loudly. 

We were thinking about how we show care and compassion for older people.  We retold and acted out the story of Ruth and talked about the things our Grandparents do for us and what we do for them.

Collective worship: 1st November

We have made some changes to our class collective worship area, ready for this half term. We have a friendship theme in our area. We have posters, quotes and even a class friendship book. We started our book today and all of the pupils have written advice on how to be a good friend or have shared their ideas on friendship. It will be kept in our classroom this half term for our children to add to. The class had some lovely ideas on what we could do...drawing pictures of how you could be a good friend, writing advice, thank you messages to their friends who have been kind to them, praising others, finding friendship quotes from the bible and writing friendship prayers and poems. Great ideas so far everyone! How can you be a good friend? What can you do to brighten up someone's day? 


This half term we have been exploring materials and their states. We started off by sorting our materials into solids and liquids. Then we looked at the science behind these states by talking about particles. We have started to think about how states can change from one form into another. Our latest experiment was very tasty! We made chocolate crispy cakes and thought about how our chocolate had changed states throughout the experiment. Isn't science fun?

19th October: Liverpool World Museum Visit

What a lovely day out year 3/4 have had! The staff were so pleased with the positive behaviour and enthusiasm that our pupils have shown today. A big thank you to all of the parent helpers. You are very much appreciated. Photographs will follow soon...

Liverpool World Museum

Hurricane hits our classroom!

On Friday last week (07.10.16) a hurricane had torn through our classroom! The children were given various jobs to do. We had firefighters, police officers, paramedics and volunteers. Some people acted as injured or homeless people that needed help. Everyone was so helpful and luckily our classroom is back to normal. The children are  hard at work at the moment, producing some newspaper reports about the hurricane.

Classroom worship

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