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Today i thought, maybe you could draw and design your own worry monster. It always helps to share our worries. The worry monster is a good helper.
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Calm Down Dice

You could make your own dice, using techniques that work for you. 
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You will need to draw a rainbow for this breathing exercise. Make it as big as you like .

A little breathing exercise.

Hi Everyone,  

Hope everyone is keeping safe  and enjoying all your stay at home activities. Lots of fun learning ideas.

Remember to look for the positives in your day, try keeping a positivity journal, write down things that you have done well in your day, or have made you laugh or smile. (This will be interesting to look back on.)


I have added another resource for if you are worrying. Although this is understandable and perfectly natural. It can help if you learn some coping strategies so you can deal with your worries.

Singing, dancing and exercise are also good stress relievers. So remember the song a day dance challenge.


Keep checking the website regularly where support materials and activities, will be posted. If you are concerned please contact the school office and we will be in touch.


Coping strategies - children could also make their own.

An Elsa story about working from home.

14 Day Home Challenge