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Wednesday 20th May

Good morning Y3/4, Mr Moore here! Following on from Mrs Graham's post about the Endangered Species Day last week, today is the National Bee Day. Although you may think there are lots of bees in the UK, they are sadly endangered, so it is very important that we do our best to look after them, as they help us with so many things! 


As I am sure you know, bees help us by pollinating flowers when they are collecting nectar. However due to lots of things like climate change, pesticides being spread on fields, and forests/fields being destroyed, bees are under threat.


Lot's of people's jobs around the world are to keep bees, look after them, gather nectar to make honey and make sure they are healthy. Now, you may not have a beehive in your backgarden to beekeep, but you can help the bees in lots of other ways too. If you have flowers or plants outside in your garden, help your family at home by offering to help look after them by giving them water. Healthy flowers will let more bees collect nectar for their hive and will help pollinate more flowers in your area. If you are not able to water flowers, help raise awareness for the bees in danger by doing some research and creating a fact leaflet on what we can do more or less of to help save them.


Don't forget to post on the sharing blog of what you are doing for National Bee Day, even if you are outdoors in the garden just keeping them company.


I'm looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!


Mr Moore.





Friday 15th May.

Hi Year 3/4 Team,  Mrs Graham here. smiley

I hope you are all enjoying the tasks we are setting you online and in the paper packs.

Here is an extra challenge for you all about Endangered Species Day today. 



Visit the website


Here you will find lots of information and activities, including tomorrow Saturday, May 16th a chance to get outdoors for Endangered Species Day, and join in with an all-day What’s In My Backyard? species identification challenge! On this day people around the world will use the free app iNaturalist to take photos and identify local species. This is a great activity for adults or families who want to get out into nature and learn more about the wildlife right in your backyard. 


Another interesting website is 

On here they look at  that while the pandemic has locked the majority of people in their houses, a lot of uncommon and endangered animals which are usually not seen at common places have been spotted. They have photographs and videos of animals that have been spotted across the World after COVID-19 lockdown was imposed, such as these wild boars crossing a road in Haiti!

So enjoy researching endangered species and getting out in your back gardens to support Endangered Species Day.


Also, how exciting is this.....

I know that lots of you love going on TT Rockstars and smashing you personal best scores and times.

So come on guys who is up for this? You could be a World Guinness Record Holder!!

Check out details when you next log in to your usual TT Rocks page. Good Luck!yes


Stay safe and well team and i will hopefully see you all soon.

Mrs Grahamheart











Tuesday 5th May


Good afternoon Year 3/4,


It's Mr Evans here. I hope you and your families are well and you are finding a way to navigate through these challenging times. We are blown away by the amount of work you continue to tweet and blog pictures of, as well as the range of additional learning activities you have all been doing with your families. 


As the UK will be celebrating VE day this coming Friday, the 3/4 team have decided to post some online learning activities to this monumentally historic event below. You could tweet or post a picture on the PurpleMash blog of you completing these activities. 


We hope you enjoy your VE Day Bank Holiday and you manage to have a mini party or celebration, even in lockdown. Take care, stay safe and I hope to see you all soon.


Mr Evans



‘Understanding World War Two/VE Day


On 8th May 1945, Britain celebrated the end of World War Two. To understand why VE Day was so important, you need to understand WW2. Visit these sites to help in your research: Primary Homework Help - WW2

A Brief Overview of World War II 

Video BBC Teach - VE Day
What Is VE Day?


Task: Can you create a timeline of important events leading up to VE Day?



Stay At Home’ Street Party

Read this article on Newsround and look closely at the photographs.

How did people celebrate in 1945? Plan your own ‘stay at home’ street party. What games could be played? What decorations would be put up? What food would be eaten? Who would be there? Is there anyone in your family who went to a VE Day party you could speak to?


Task: Plan your own VE day party. This can be presented in any way you choose. You could design your own VE Day party invitation or create your own Union Jack flag bunting. 



Research Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister in 1945. Research who Churchill was. Consider why he was important, his personality, his family, his hobbies and his jobs.

Listen to his historic speech.


Task: Imagine you were Winston Churchill at this time. Can you now write your speech that you would have made to address the nation?



Wartime Recipes

With one rationed egg and a packet of powdered milk in the larder, World War II’s home cooks had to be creative. Find out what families were eating over 75 years ago.


Task: Create some delicious meals using the recipe booklets below or those in the additional links on the Learning Page. You could serve them at your ‘Stay at Home Street Party!’


Wartime Recipe Booklet

Wartime Ration Recipes

WW2 Cake
Wartime Scones

Jam Tarts



Create a VE Day Poster

Task: Create your own VE Day poster to be displayed in your window. This poster should honour the veterans
and people who helped during WW2 as well as celebrate this special day.
Try to make it as eye-catching and creative as possible. You could do this using collage, paints, Hama beads or in any other unique way.



Morse Code

Kahoot Challenge Quiz

Friday 27th March 

Hello, Year 3/4! 


We hope you are enjoying your time learning from home.  We have loved looking at some of the work that you have been completing on PurpleMash. 


We have set up a Y3/4 Home Learning Blog.  Now you can share what you have been doing with your classmates. You can even add pictures. 

To find the blog, you click Sharing, Shared blogs and then Year 3/4 Home Learning Blog. We look forward to reading your posts!



Remember, as well as your home learning packs, we have also been setting you books plus Science and grammar activities on Bug Club. On Purple Mash, we have set you lots of 2Dos on computer skills, grammar and spellings.  Make sure when you have completed them, you press ‘hand it’.  On Timetable Rockstars, there is a super challenge for Year 3s and Year 4s. Teachers versus children!  Mr Evans is currently leading. 


We have added some links below of extra web pages and activities that you might want to check out.



STEM activities at home

Screen Free Activities - KS2