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POKEMON GO Info for Parents

Pokemon Go



Dear Parents/Guardians,


I am sure you are aware of Pokemon Go. The latest craze that is sweeping the UK.


Pokemon Go is a game that uses real world maps to find Pokemon (make believe creatures). It uses GPS to locate you in the game map and let you move around in ‘Augmented reality’ (the real world enhanced by technology).


You will have seen in the news accidents caused by people not paying attention to what they are doing because they are looking at the game and not where they are going. This is an obvious issue however, please consider the following points when allowing your child/ward to use Pokemon Go.


  1. PokeStops are locations where you can collect free gifts. These are set places and some are quite secluded, for example Arrowe Park. These could be used by Predators that are looking to meet/harm young people.
  2. Gyms, like PokeStops, are set places where you can battle and train your Pokemon. As well as the danger already mentioned above. When in battle your user name shows up. Make sure user names do not identify you or give away personal information.
  3. Thieves have also realised that PokeStops and Gyms attract lots of people carrying smart phones. A number of people have been mugged while playing Pokemon Go.


Finally the game uses mobile data if you are not in range of a WIFI hotspot. Be aware this can add up over time.


Many thanks,



Mrs C. O’Neill Edwards