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Welcome Back & Some Changes

Dear Parents

It is with great pleasure that we welcome all of our children back to school tomorrow and we hope you have all enjoyed a lovely summer break.

Keeping our children safe at all times of the day is of paramount importance to us and there are a small number of changes to our morning arrival routine to help us to further achieve this.

Firstly, the Key Stage 2 playground entrance/exit gate will be unlocked at 8.40am and locked again at 8.50am and manned by a member of staff. The reason for this is to improve safety for our children and reduce the risk of children leaving the school grounds unsupervised or members of the public coming onto the school grounds. This entrance sits on a public path which runs parallel to a railway line hence our reasons for the above changes.

Secondly, children are to arrive at school no earlier than 8.40am onwards at which time they can be directly supervised by members of our staff. A number of junior children were arriving as early as 8.20am in the summer term leaving them unsupervised for quite a time period. Please encourage your children to arrive at the correct time.

Key Stage 2 children who wish to ‘drift in’ are more than welcome to do so. We ask that the children now wait near the side entrance (first on the right when walking down towards the key stage two playground) where a member of staff will supervise them into school at 8.40am and remain on that entrance until 8.50am.

We are constantly looking at ways to reduce the flow of traffic at the front entrance desk in the mornings and thank you for your support last year in our move to Parent Pay which has dramatically helped. We are more than happy to receive queries via email ( find it a fast and efficient way of getting in touch with parents so would very much encourage that as a means of communication.

Finally, collection points for children remain the same for early years and both key stages. Miss Griffiths’ and Miss McKean’s classes will come out onto the key stage two playground at the slightly earlier time of 3.25pm to reduce the flow of traffic. The gate at the back of the key stage two playground will be unlocked at 3.20pm and locked again at 3.50pm. We are more than happy for our upper key stage two children to walk home independently but request that parental permission is given in the form of an email or letter. This will then remain on record.

Thank you in advance for your support in allowing us to keep our children as safe as we can.

Best wishes,

Miss K Harper