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Wider Re-opening Guidance

Washing Hands

Encourage your child/ren to wash their hands regularly and to continue to do this when they are at school with soap and water or hand sanitiser for at least 20 seconds.


Catch it, bin it, kill it!

Remind your child/ren of the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it!’ approach to reducing the spread of germs. This is where children cover their mouth and nose with a tissue when they cough or sneeze; then throw the tissue in a bin; then immediately wash their hands with soap and water.

Social Distancing

Talk with the children about social distancing. Mark out a 2M line so they are familiar with that distance. Encourage them to keep to that at school where they can.


Following our social distancing guidelines when in school is a very important part of ensuring health and safety.

Please aim to have only one adult bringing children to school and please avoid bringing siblings with you.

Please do not arrive early as this may result in unnecessary groups gathering.

Check Temperature

Check your child’s temperature and carry out your own assessment of how they are feeling each day. If they are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus they must not come to school.

Check other members of your household

Check other members of your household do not have symptoms of coronavirus. If they do, your child should not come to school or enter the school setting. 

School Lunches

Children will be able to purchase a school meal on a daily basis which can be bought via the usual system (ParentPay) or they can bring in a packed lunch from home. School lunches will be a 'grab bag' style lunch rather than a hot meal as they will be eaten in classrooms. If you are entitled to Free School Meals or Universal Infant Free School Meals, there will be no charge. 

Drop Off and Pick Up

Key Worker families

Provision for key worker families will continue to run from 8:40 am to 3:30 pm each day (gates and doors will open at 8:40). We ask that you arrive promptly within this window of time. Other gates will be allocated to different year groups to aid social distances so this must be the only entry point for this group. The gate will close at 8:50. Children should enter through the Lee Road entrance - a member of staff will ensure the children enter the school building safely through the side doors. Please collect your children from the same gate. We ask that you wait within the key stage one playground and staff will lead the children out ready for collection. Please can only one adult drop off and pick up.


Year 6 pupils

From Monday 8th June, provision for Year 6 children who have confirmed their place will run from 9:10 am 3:10 pm each day (gates and doors will open at 9:10 am). Again, we ask that you arrive promptly and that this is the only entry time and point for Year 6. The gate will close at 9:20 am. Children should enter through the front entrance car park where they will be directed down our service pathway. Staff will ensure children enter the school building safely through the classroom doors. The pathways and entrances are clearly marked. Please also collect your child through the same gate. We would ask that you wait within the car park hatching and staff will release your child to you. If we have permission for your child to walk home we will allow this. Please advise if this is now not permitted. Please avoid driving into the school car park.

It is important that the children don't arrive early to school as this would result in unnecessary gathering where social distancing would be difficult.

HHT Opening Risk Assessment

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